Why am I grumpy?

I am grumpy because in 2021 I still see bad HTML, which should be, at this point, taught in elementary school.

I am grumpy because the web was the promise of a collective brain used for good and instead is a pile of fake news, hate speech, and way too much outdated, incorrect content.

I am grumpy because today, to publish a one-page website, you need overcomplicated setups and be familiar with tons of things that are making the web slower and less accessible than ever.

I am grumpy because instead of investing in computer literacy programs for youth, we pimp expensive coding schools that produce developers who don’t know that the internet is a physical thing. And that cables get cut under the ocean all the time. But blame CDNs. Or “The Cloud”.

I am grumpy because I can not open my MacBook Pro to insert an additional RAM slot, so computers that cost over three thousand euros are now seen as disposable.

I am grumpy because, in the quest for a modern web, we managed to build an exclusionary environment that caters to people with powerful computers and fast internet.

I am grumpy because individual open source contributors maintain libraries in their spare time. Libraries that are then used by corporations to make money. Lots of it. Preferably tax-free.

I am grumpy because, in the past two weeks alone, I was reminded again that Tech Twitter and Tech LinkedIn think that women are second-class citizens of the web.

I am grumpy because I am 47, I am perimenopausal and I had to explain, for the millionth time, that headings are hierarchical.


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